Your aerobic fitness is one of the key fitness elements that make up your conditioning for hard Enduro whether you are just having fun on the weekends or training seriously for races.

Aerobic fitness should be trained in two different ways in order to build a big and efficient aerobic engine for yourself, namely core aerobic fitness and peripheral aerobic fitness.

Core aerobic fitness is that traditional long slow steady aerobic training usually done at under 60% of max HR. This training takes time but is essential for increasing heart size and strength and output volume. This is what gets you through the long days in the saddle.

Peripheral aerobic fitness is your ability to clear lactic acid build up in your muscles after a high intensity effort like climbing up a pass or scrumming your bike over a step. Your peripheral aerobic system is conditioned by doing HIIT training.

If you want to have more fun or be more competitive on your bike add both these aerobic disciplines to your weekly off bike training.


~ Jason Livingstone ~

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