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In Sports psychology we call it “deliberate practice” but in the sport of Enduro it is mostly referred to as “skills training”. In essence it is the repetitive practice of a specific drill over a certain amount of time or repetitions. The aim of the game is to train neuromuscular pathways, the nerves and muscle that need to communicate together for a specific movement, to become more efficient.

Many riders find this type of training a bit boring and tend to avoid it, believing that similar results can be achieved by simply going on an out ride with their mates. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. With too many complex movements involved on an out-ride it is not specific and repetitive enough to cement specific muscle firing sequences together.

“Flow” is essentially the opposite of “deliberate practice” and is the state you feel when everything is going right automatically, you feel like you cant put a foot wrong and you don’t need to think about how to do the moves… ever have those days or moments?

The state of “Flow” is one of the direct results of “deliberate practice” where your neuromuscular system is tuned in to exactly what movements are needed on a microsecond by microsecond basis. “deliberate practice” is used in training in order to achieve “Flow” in competition or racing.

Whether it’s slow wheelies, pivots, static balance or corners, it pays to get out there and do your drills for half an hour once or twice a week. And if you do you can expect to have a lot more fun on or out-rides and be a lot more competitive in your racing.

Keep things tidy… see you on the trail


~ Jason Livingstone ~


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