12v power points

  • SAE-to-Ciggarette-2

    Desert Fox SAE to 12V Cigarette power point adapter

    The Desert Fox SAE to Cigarette power point is a 12V motorcycle power point socket that powers any accessory that has a standard cigarette lighter plug.

  • 31cdBC9cx4L31Recp83nFL

    Desert Fox SAE to Weatherproof Power Socket Dual USB Charger

    The Desert Fox SAE to Dual USB fits directly on the Battery to SAE connector (sold separately)  to create a waterproof USB connection that can easily be stored in your tank bag.

  • hella-to-dual-usb-and-cigarette-lighter-outlet-2adventure-bike-dual-usb-and-cigarette-connection-1

    Dual USB & Cigarette Motorcycle power socket

    A compact Dual USB  Smart  Charger with integrated Cigarette power socket for 3 in 1 versatility.

  • SAE-cigg-plug-_001

    SW-MOTECH Cigarette-Style To SAE Tankbag Power Adapter

    Cigarette-Style To SAE Tank bag Power Adapter allows a connection from a male cigarette-style socket to SAE tank bag.