nonoise earplugs

  • diygarden_klein

    DIY & Garden NoNoise Ear Plugs

    DIY and Garden ear plugs protect your ears from damaging tool noise e.g angle grinders and gardening machines e.g lawn mowers. Speech however is still audible!

  • visual-nonoise-packshots_en_music_vk-1opengewerkte_dop-in-oor_music

    No Noise Ear Plugs Music

    No Noise Music Ear Plugs protect your ears from damaging loud music. Ideal for concerts, raves and headphone junkies. Live to hear another day!

  • shoot1opengewerkte_dop_shoot

    No Noise Ear Plugs Shooting

    No Noise Ear Plugs for shooting are developed to protect your ears from loud gunshots and fireworks, yet still allow for clear conversation.

  • sleep-1opengewerkte_dop-in-oor_sleep

    NoNoise Ear Plugs for Sleep

    NoNoise Sleep Ear Plugs reduce irritating background noises e.g snoring, yet still allow you to hear ambient sound, ensuring security and a better nights sleep.

  • travelopengewerkte_dop_travel

    NoNoise Ear Plugs for Travel

    NoNoise Ear Plugs for Travel reduce aircraft noise and equalize eardrum pressure, making air travel more peaceful and enjoyable. Arrive refreshed !

  • Nonoise-cleaning-kit_002Nonoise-cleaning-kit_001

    NoNoise Ear Plugs Professional Cleaning Kit

    Cleaning Kit for NoNoise ear plugs.

  • workopengewerkte_dop_work

    NoNoise Work Ear Plugs

    NoNoise Work Ear Plugs protect your hearing in loud Factory settings while still being able to hear a conversation.  Also recommended for Harley style bikes.

  • OX628-500x500


    Protective Pocket Case

    Self-moulding polyurethane foam

    Very high protection

  • wateropengewerkte_dop_watersport

    Swimming NoNoise Ear Plugs

    NoNoise Swimming Ear Plugs protect the middle ear and ear drum from water contact while still allowing for audible conversation.