MITAS ARRAW R16 700 X 28C

    Arrow road tire with WELTEX + technology. What is WELTEX + technology? TIRE BEAD PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY Very dense and extremely rigid rubberized fabric placed around the entire bead of the tire. Its excellent elasticity at almost negligible weight increases the durability of the tire bead severalfold against puncture and abrasion from bead ledges, especially in the case of carbon rims. The ARROW wheel tire weighs just 250g and is made of SMC (Silica Medium Compound), which is a special protector mix with an activated silica additive. With its low rolling resistance, good adhesion properties and long service life, it is designed for sporting use in all-round conditions. Its stable properties also allow the blend to excel in low temperature conditions.

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    More robust option of the well-proven Kratos Top Design XC pattern. Exceptional blend of traction, all-round stability, efficient braking properties and low rolling resistance in its class, it is a perfect choice for Enduro riding and ragged terrains.

    Kratos TD is the right choice for a rough, hard-packed terrain. Higher and more aggressive pattern figures provide great traction and give excellent control over the bike. Highly efficient tire for Enduro and rocky XC tracks. Dual compound brings even better grip and safer riding even in a more aggressive cornering.

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    If you need a universal tire, then you don’t need to search any further – SCYLLA TD is the right choice for you. All-purpose and fast tread pattern is suitable for medium-heavy terrain with a harder surface. In combination with the dual compound it gives you reliable support while riding with plenty of grip even in a traverse or sharp corners. Optimally designed height and positioning of pattern figures brings all you need at once: low rolling resistance, speed, traction, both great acceleration and braking. An ideal choice for most tracks in Cross Country.