Bel-Ray Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid exceeds FMVSS  Sec. 571.116 DOT 4 motor vehicle brake fluid, SAE J1703 and ISO 4925 specifications. Mixes with all fluids meeting DOT 3 or DOT 4 specifications. For use in all drum or disc brake systems and hydraulic clutches, except systems using mineral-based fluids (LHM). Boiling Point: Dry 446°F, Wet 311°F

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    Bel-Ray 6 in 1 Multipurpose Lubricant

    Bel-Ray® 6 in 1 is a multi-purpose aerosol lubricant that contains anti-wear additives that provide high film strength to this exceptional penetrating and lubricating fluid. Bel-Ray 6 in 1 cleans as it lubricates, protects against rust and corrosion, displaces water, and reduces friction. Bel-Ray 6 in 1 will not harm electrical contacts, vinyl, wood or paint.

  • Bel-Ray-Bike-Wash

    Bel-Ray Bike Wash

    Bel-Ray Bike Wash is an advanced, biodegradable micro-emulsion cleaner concentrate specifically formulated for the motorcycle enthusiast.  Bel-Ray Bike Wash is hard on dirt and grime, while safe for use on painted, fiberglass, rubber and plastic surfaces as well as on chrome, aluminum and other alloy wheels.  Bel-Ray Bike Wash is formulated with the motorcycle enthusiast in mind.  However, this product works exceptionally well on many other such vehicle and motor surfaces.


    Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube 400ML

    Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube is a high-performance, fully synthetic chain lube for all powersports chain applications. Developed with input from professional racing teams, Blue Tac Chain Lube offers an extremely tacky formula that will not fling off when used as directed. Professional racing teams and dyno tests have proven that even at speeds of 100 mph and up, Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube remains in place on your chain, providing the performance and protection you require.

  • 99070_bel-ray_brake_contact_cleaner_400ml

    Bel-Ray Brake & Contact Cleaner 400ML

    Bel-Ray® Brake & Contact Cleaner is an aerosol degreaser formulated to clean and degrease all metal surfaces. This unique product will clean brake components and remove carbon and oil build-up. It dries in seconds leaving no residue. This multi-purpose degreaser can be used to clean electrical contacts including ignition, magneto contacts, breaker points, fouled spark plugs, carburetor parts, gear boxes, and other engine parts, as well as other areas that require a quick-drying spray. Will not harm most plastics.

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    Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner 400ML

    Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner is formulated to clean the most stubborn dirt and grime from motorcycle chains. This product is safe on all o-ring materials and is designed to clean the dirtiest chains. With Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner’s high powered solvent and high pressure combination, cleaning any chain is quick and easy. No residue is left behind after use, so fresh chain lubricant can be applied directly after using Bel-Ray Chain Cleaner.   No residue ensures optimum performance of chains. Can apply new chain lube directly after use. Fast and economical removal of grease, grime and dirt from chains Easy to use aerosol spray applicator permits pinpoint precision for best results in difficult to reach areas.  Leaves no mess to clean.

  • X001

    Bel-Ray Foam Filter Cleaner & Degreaser

    Bel-Ray® Foam Filter Cleaner & Degreaser is an aerosol degreaser specially designed for cleaning foam air filters. Removes oil and dirt from the filter while also preventing deterioration of the foam cells — maximizing filter life. This multi-purpose degreaser can also be used as an engine and general purpose degreaser.

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    Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil 1L

    Bel-Ray® Foam Filter Oil is a foam air filter oil for all street, off-road, and racing foam air filter applications. Innovative Bel-Ray technology has produced a foam filter oil unlike any other. It is easy to apply and improves airflow. Ultra-viscous formula forms an oil barrier to trap micron-sized particles that can cause engine damage.Bel-Ray’s waterproof air filter oil prevents clogging when wet.

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    Bel-Ray Gear Saver Transmission Oil 1L

    Bel-Ray® Gear Saver Transmission Oil is a gear oil that has been developed for the unique demands of all motorcycle transmissions equipped with wet clutches.  Bel-Ray Gear Saver Transmission Oil flows freely for better clutch cooling and provides positive clutch engagement for better starts and longer clutch life while protecting highly-loaded gears from wear, ensuring smooth shifts for more positive action.

  • bel-ray-lubricants-h1-r-racing-100-synthetic-ester-2t-engine-oil-for-power-1-l_500

    Bel-Ray H1-R Racing 100% Synthetic Ester 2T Engine Oil 1L

    Bel-Ray® H1-R Racing 100% Synthetic Ester 2T Engine Oil is formulated for all power valve 2-stroke engines. Advanced 100% synthetic ester base oils cling to metal, preventing wear in all 2-stroke applications. Bel-Ray® H1-R Racing 100% Synthetic Ester 2T Engine Oil is clean burning to prevent carbon build-up in combustion chambers and power valve mechanisms. Not suitable for methanol fuel. 2013 CIK-FIA Certified for use in high performance racing kart applications.

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    Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil 1L

    Bel-Ray® High Performance Fork Oil is a front suspension oil formulated for use in all suspension forks including those using cartridge and dual chamber systems. Through the use of carefully selected high-viscosity base oils, fade is reduced providing smooth operation over a wide temperature range. Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil eliminates stiction and drag while greatly improving fork action.

  • bel_ray_moto_chill_racing_coolant_1_l

    Bel-Ray Moto Chill Racing Coolant

    Bel-Ray® Moto Chill Racing Coolant is an engine coolant that uses a special non-toxic propylene glycol formula designed for better heat transfer and cooler running engines. Protects from corrosion and extends the life of all motorcycle cooling systems including those using magnesium and aluminum components. The ultimate high-performance engine coolant — especially suited for racing conditions. Do not dilute. Ready to use.


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