• Powasol Aliminum Cleaner

    Powasol Aluminum Cleaner 750ML

    Powasol Aluminum Cleaner is a special blend of Acidic raw material designed to activate fast and clean without any effort or time wasted. The product is corrosive to non Aluminum materials and needs to be handle with care.

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    Powasol Bike Wash 1LPowasol Bike Wash 5L

    Powasol Bike Wash

    Powasol Bike Wash has stood the test of time. A environmentally suitable product designed to dissolve soils in seconds without damaging bearings, seal, brake pads and paint work. Our product is red in colour and dilutes up to 5 : 1 with water. Pack sizes: 1Lt, 5Lt, 25Lt

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    Powasol Chain Lube 1

    Powasol Chain Lube 400ML

    Powasol Chain Lube an essential part of a motorbike chains well-being. Longevity, friction control and smooth running. Our Chain Lube is a synthetic blend of high quality oils and additives which ensure the highest quality without unforgiving costs.

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    Powasol Liquid Polish

    Powasol Liquid Polish 750ML

    Liquid Polish an emulsified water based silicone product used to polish plastics, rubbers, wood and matt finished surfaces. Simply spray on or mop onto surfaces and allow to dry. Making sure the product is spread evenly on the surface. Fast drying, amazing shine and UV protective. Pack sizes 750ml

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    Powasol Multi Lube 300ML

    Powasol Multi-lube 300ML

    A fast-penetrating spray lubricant with anti-corrosive properties. Can be used on all surfaces that need lubricating or protection against corrosion.

    A Teflon synthetic based lubricant used for Lubing threads, hinges, joiners etc. Also used as a penetrating lubricant for locks, hinges etc. that are rusted. It is a rust inhibitor.

    Packaging in: 300ml Aerosol

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    Powasol Silicone Spray 400ML

    Powasol Silicone Spray 400ML

    Touch, feel, smell. Non-flammable. For lubricating, shine. Every rider’s perfect weapon. The product can be used to lube, shine, waterproof or even avoid mud build up. Simply spray the product down cable lines, on moving parts, frames, plastics, rubbers etc.

    For more shine and less dust build-up, simply wipe the area with a soft cotton cloth.

    Packaged in: 400ml Aerosol

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    Powasol Solvent Based Degreaser 750MLPowasol Solvent Based Degreaser 5L

    Powasol Solvent Based Degreaser

    Solvent based degreaser has had a name change from “Revive” the reason for this was to create a better sense of brand awareness for the product range.

    This product is used for deep cleaning of all oils, greases, asphalt, adhesives, bitumen, Creosote and petroleum products. On a non porous surface. Also a fantastic product to be used in a part washing machines, cleaning air filters and engine spares. A reusable product which encourages great value for money.

    Pack sizes: 750ml Sprayer, 1Lt, 5Lt.

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    Powasol Tyre and Moose Lube 1L

    Powasol Tyre and Moose Lube 1L

    This product is for the application and lubricating of tyres and looses. Not necessarily for motor bikes but also for lubricating the bead on any tyre application including cars, trucks and heavy machinery. The secret to the product is that it keeps the Moose and inner tyre cool whilst running at high speeds.

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    Powasol Tyre Weld

    Powasol Tyre Weld 340ML

    POWASOL Tyre Puncture Repair is a latex and ammoniated tyre and tube puncture repair solution. It works fast and effectively.

    Suitable for Repairing:

    • Minor punctures
    • Flat tyres
    • Flat tubes
    • Incorrect tyre and tube pressures.
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    Powasol Universal Solvent Cleaner

    Powasol Universal Solvent Cleaner 500ML

    POWASOL Multi-purpose solevent Cleaner is a fast acting cleaner that evaporates quickly making sure no residue or dust particles remain after application.

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    Powasol Water Based Degreaser 1L

    Powasol Waterbased Degreaser 5L

    Formally known as Mototech, a water based degreaser. A brilliant affordable product suitable for cleaning any surface. Used for degreasing floors, engine spares, hard surfaces and even porous surfaces like garage floors etc.


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