• 0015_Spanjaard_Biodegradable_Air_Filter_Cleaner_400ml-768x768

    Spanjaard Air Filter Cleaner

    A specially formulated biodegradeable highly effective degreaser/ cleaner for air filter cleaning.

  • MC-Air-Filter-Oil-Spray-400ml-1-768x768

    Spanjaard Air Filter Oil

    A tacky formula that prevents the ingress of sand, dust, and water, as well as improving airflow to the engine.

  • MC-Battery-Terminal-Protector-Positive-200ml-768x768MC-Battery-Terminal-Protector-Negative-200ml-768x768

    Spanjaard Battery Terminal Protector

    Protects battery terminals against acid corrosion.

    Negative Protector is Blue

    Positive Protector is Red

  • 0018_Spanjaard_Brake_Clutch_Chain_Cleaner_400ml-768x768

    Spanjaard Brake, Clutch, Chain Cleaner

    A specially formulated combination heavy duty cleaner for brakes, clutches and chains. Removes grease, oil and brake residue without the headache of disassembly.

  • 0019_Spanjaard_Carb_Cleaner-768x768

    Spanjaard Carb Cleaner

    Cleans internally and externally, leaving a lubricating film for linkages and rose joints.

  • MC-Chain-Lubricant

    Spanjaard Chain Lubricant

    A water-resistant non-staining anti-fling lubricant which penetrates like oil and lubricates like grease.

  • Chain Wax

    Spanjaard Chain Wax

    A superior blend of waxes and extreme-pressure additives in aerosol form for application to all motorcycle chains.

  • Synthetic oil

    Spanjaard Fork Oil (Synthetic)

    A superior anti-foaming damping fluid allowing for a smooth plush ride. The blend of synthetic esters and speciality anti-wear additives is designed to provide good anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, and to stabilise the oil against heat, oxidation and to extend oil life.

  • 0052_Spanjaard_Mineral_Fork_Oil_Group-768x511

    Spanjaard Fork Oil (Mineral)

    Anti-foaming damping fluid allowing for a smooth plush ride. The blend of oils and specialty anti-wear additives provides good anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, stabilizes oil against heat and oxidation extending oil life.

  • MC-Mousse-Lubricant-1-768x768

    Spanjaard Mousse Lubricant 500g

    A highly durable mousse lubricant suitable for all mousses. The special formula reduces friction between mousse and tyre, keeping operating temperatures low.

  • MC-Petrol-Injector-Cleaner-768x768

    Spanjaard Petrol Injector Cleaner

    Ensures peak performance of the injection fuel system. Cleans blocked injectors and extends their life, as well as reduces exhaust emissions and corrosion. One bottle treats a maximum of 20 liters of fuel.

  • MC-Tyre-Fix-200ml-768x768

    Spanjaard Tyre Fix

    Effectively seals punctures and re-inflates car and motorcycle tubes and tyres. Used as an emergency product.