Leatt Helmet GPX5.5 V15


      • The Leatt GPX 5.5 V15 Helmet redefines head and neck protection. A company renowned for safety gear, Leatt has finally released its own off-road helmet. Rather than stick the Leatt name onto a design that is similar to existing ATV or motorcycle helmets, the GPX series of helmets adds innovative new protective features. But of course, would you expect anything less from Leatt?


The GPX 5.5 helmet features a composite matrix shell with an innovative V-Foam EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner enhances the helmet’s protection while keeping it smaller than competitors. The smaller shell size allows the Leatt helmet to attain new levels of lightness – an important feature for a helmet as it both increases the rider’s comfort but also decreases the rotational energy delivered to the head and brain in a crash.
Leatt has introduced other cutting-edge features as well. For example, the 360° Turbine technology offers two important helmet protective measures. It allows the helmet to absorb more force from a low-energy impact, but it also combats rotational energy as well. In fact, one of the ways that the Leatt GPX helmet line sets itself apart from other ATV and dirt bike helmets is the reduction of rotational acceleration.Of course, Leatt has also taken great care to design a helmet with comfort in mind in addition to safety. That’s why the GPX helmet features an impressive ventilation system with an innovative design that allows for great airflow. The helmet is also built to accommodate other great Leatt gear, including the legendary Leatt neck brace as well as hydration packs

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